We are helping kids learn the constructs of programming through games.

How do you play ?

Hungry Birds is an Alexa skill that can be enabled on any Alexa powered device like Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Tap and the new Alexa enabled Fire TV.

Amazon Echo Show, Spot and Fire TV

For devices which come up with a display like Echo Show and Fire TV, we have built an awesome graphical interface which is very intuitive and easy to use.

Amazon Echo, Echo Dot

For devices that don’t have a display like Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap, we tried to create a slightly different experience. Kids are expected to use a game board which is a 8 x 8 checkerboard whose columns are labeled A to H, and rows are labeled 1 to 8. A sample template can be downloaded below. They are then expected to listen to Alexa’s instructions to play the game. This experience helps increase your child’s focus and listening skills.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to help the bird reach its nest. Make sure the bird stays on the path filled with worm and corn. Whenever the bird eats a worm or a corn, it can perform two movements. You can select from four types of movements, forward, sit, right and left. Your job is to select two movements, for the bird to perform, whenever it lands on a worm or a corn square.

Sample Game

Study the game and help the bird reach its nest.

Win Scenario

Examine the above game, the correct moves for the worm are right and forward, and the correct moves for the corn are forward and forward. So, when the bird starts off at the first square, it eats the worm and turns right, and then flies one step forward to the corn. Now, when it eats the corn, it flies two squares forward to the last corn square. Finally, when it eats the last corn, it flies forward to reach its nest.

Loss Scenario

Now, let us look at the scenario where the bird will get caught by the fox. Let's say, you chose the moves right and forward for the worm, and left and forward for the corn. In this case, when the bird eats the worm at the first square, it turns right followed by a forward move, to land on the first corn square. So far, it is on track. But now, it performs a left move followed by a forward move, and goes off the track, to get caught by the fox.

One wrong move, will take the bird off the path and will get caught by the fox. So, select your moves carefully. Good luck!